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Cardiac Ultrasound

Shapiro / Antoinette

Publication Date: January 2003
1st Edition
160 pp, 550 illustrations
Paperback / softback
ISBN (Americas): 9781840760231

A comprehensive ultrasound imaging text for diagnosing cardiac diseases

From its humble beginnings in the 1950's as an adaptation of marine sonar systems, echocardiography has recently grown rapidly in its usage and importance. Advanced computer techniques now allow imaging of the heart in many planes through many windows. Each section of this book contains all forms of ultrasound imaging including transesophagael (TOE), intra operative, epicardial and intravascular as well as the more standard types. The book's purpose is to improve diagnosis of cardiac disease through the use of the latest echocardiographic methods of investigation. It will appeal to physicians in training and in practice, to technicians and radiologists interested in ultrasound.

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