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Hearing Aids

Sample Chapter

1. Introductory Concepts
2. Hearing Aid Components
3. Hearing Aid Systems
4. Electroacoustic Performance and Measurement
5. Hearing Aid Earmolds, Ear Shells, and Coupling Systems
6. Compression System in Hearing Aids
7. Advanced Signal Processing Schemes for Hearing Aids
8. Assessing Candidacy for Hearing Aids
9. Prescribing Hearing Aid Performance
10. Selecting and Adjusting Hearing Aids
11. Problem Solving and Fine-Tuning of Hearing Aids
12. Counseling the New Hearing Aid Wearer
13. Assessing the Outcomes of Hearing Aid Rehabilitation
14. Biaural and Bilateral Considerations in Hearing Aid Fitting
15. Special Hearing Aid Issues for Children
16. Cors, Bone-Conduction, and Implanted Hearing Aids.

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