Thieme Publishers is committed to producing superior products, and works hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the items you purchase. We welcome customers feedback at all times on all aspects of our operations, and work hard to ensure that needed resources are readily available.

Information for particular audiences can be accessed under the Resources menu at the top of this page, or by using the links and information below.

Resources for Students

The Resources for Students section is where Thieme will put all its student related news and deals.

Resources for Instructors

The resources for instructors page contains helpful information about our student-level products. You will also find our latest news, and helpful links to our products, policies and contact forms.

Resources for Authors

The Resources for Authors section helps guide you with the information needed to publish with Thieme.

Resources for Librarians

The Resources for Librarians section helps inform librarians about Thieme resources. Learn more about Thieme's online products and how your library can benefit from them.

Resources for Booksellers

The Resources for Booksellers section has information that will help wholesalers, distributors, and sales representatives market and sell Thieme products.

Resources for Media

The Resources for Media secton contains press releases issued by Thieme and other media-related items.

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