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New York/StuttgartWith “Facial Danger Zones: Staying safe with surgery, fillers, and non-invasive devices”, recently published by Thieme, internationally renowned plastic surgeon Rod Rohrich and his distinguished co-authors James Stuzin, Erez Dayan, and E. Victor Ross, have provided a reference manual that offers comprehensive insights into facial anatomy.

Key highlights

  • Facial nerve dissection safety tips for cosmetic procedures such as facelifts
  • Cadaver dissections, illustrations, and patient case photographs that provide detailed descriptions of facial danger zones, injury prevention, and the consequences of injuries
  • Vivid descriptions of how lasers, chemical peels, non-invasive fat removal, and skin tightening devices can be administered safely and effectively.
  • Over 90 minutes of outstanding surgical video showing both cadaver dissections and live patient procedures.

“In the last decade, demand for aesthetic procedures using both surgical and non-surgical techniques has grown rapidly around the world. This has been accompanied by an increase in distressing complications,” says Dr. Rohrich. Currently a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Dallas, Texas, Rohrich is an award-winning surgeon and is widely considered one of the best in his field. “We aimed to create a solid reference for practitioners that provides optimal knowledge of facial anatomy, which is essential for good results and patient safety,” he explains.

“Facial Danger Zones: Staying safe with surgery, fillers, and non-invasive devices” is divided into three sections that detail ways of navigating safe and dangerous facial zones, and also address approaches to using minimally invasive technologies. More specifically, the first section provides an overview of facial tissue anatomy and fat compartments, facial nerve danger zones, and specific nerve branches. It also details protective measures and technical dissection considerations for safe facelift surgery. Part two addresses fillers and neuromodulators with pearls and provides in-depth safety tips for six different facial danger zones. In part three, the authors detail the safe use of energy-based devices such as ablative and non-ablative lasers, combination chemical peels, radiofrequency, and cryolipolysis.

Above all, the authors aimed to create a user-friendly manual for trainee and experienced surgeons in the fields of plastic, dermatologic, oculoplastic, and head and neck surgery, as well as other practitioners who treat these patients. “We hope that surgeons can go directly from this textbook into the operating or treatment room and preform aesthetic procedures more confidently and safely,” says Rohrich.

Facial Danger Zones: Staying safe with surgery, fillers and non-invasive devices
Thieme Publishers, New York, Stuttgart. 2019
152 pp, 200 illustrations
ISBN: 9781684200030
eBook – Available from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes
eISBN: 9781684200047


About the Authors:

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Rohrich is the past Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery and was the first plastic surgeon selected as a Distinguished Teaching Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is Chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, Founding Chairman of the Dallas Cosmetic Meeting, Founding Member of the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery, and a Founding Partner of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr Jim Stuzin is from Miami Florida and is the chair of the world most famous live cosmetic surgery meeting – The Baker Gordon meeting. He is a facial anatomy expert and highly respected and renowned facelift surgeon.

Dr. Erez Dayan is Medical Director at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada. Dr. Dayan completed his training at the Harvard Plastic Surgery program. Subsequently, he completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the internationally renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has been activity involved in seminal plastic surgery research and innovative applications of technology over the past ten years.

Dr. E. Victor Ross is a dermatologist specializing in laser surgery of the skin practicing at the Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley, San Diego, California. He uses a broad array of technologies to reduce red and brown skin lesions, wrinkles and unwanted hair, improve spider veins of the legs and improve the appearance of scars, including acne scars. Dr. Ross also provides a variety of injectables and fillers to relax upper face lines and replace lost volume of the lower face.

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