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New York/Stuttgart - For hundreds of years, Latin has been the international language of science. Botanists and zoologists use Latin names to describe species in a neutral language everyone shares. In anatomy, Latin terminology describes parts of the human body. The new Latin edition of Atlas of Anatomy, published by Thieme, has been created to make a version of the text, that uses the more formal Latin nomenclature of the book, available to anatomy students.

This version of the internationally recognized atlas is edited by Jonas Broman, PhD, and Anna Josephson, MD, PhD, from the world-renowned Karolinska Institute, located in Stockholm, Sweden. The text of the book is in English, while the labels and anatomical terms are provided in Latin nomenclature.

In both structure and content, this new hardcover edition mirrors the original soft cover atlas. Readers are smoothly guided, step-by-step, through every region of the body. Each section starts with the foundational skeletal framework then builds on this base by adding the muscles, the organs, and then the blood vessels followed by the nerves. The end result is a comprehensive view. Helpful questions, to assist students in applying their knowledge to real-life patient care, accompany every unit. Those who purchase Atlas of Anatomy Latin nomenclature edition are provided with a special access code for PLUS, a newly enhanced, interactive anatomy website. Registered users can now switch between Latin and English versions of the site.

"We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to share the outstanding work of our authors and illustrators with a new group of anatomy students. Our carefully translated Latin Nomenclature edition will help these students successfully master human anatomy," says Cathrin Weinstein, MD, Editorial Director, Educational Products Thieme Publishers.

About Thieme

Thieme Publishing Group is a privately held scientific and medical publishing house employing more than 950 people and maintaining offices in seven cities, including New York, Delhi, Stuttgart and three other locations in Germany. Founded in 1886, the Thieme name has become synonymous with high quality and excellence in medical and scientific publishing. Today, Thieme is the market leading publisher of neurosurgical content and holds strong market positions in orthopedics, radiology, anatomy and chemistry, among other specialties. Thieme publishes 137 peer-reviewed journals and over 500 new books annually. The company also has a rapidly growing array of web-based products in medicine and science. Popular online products include Thieme eJournals and the Thieme Electronic Book Library, which are accessible via, Thieme's platform for electronic products. New anatomy resources include the for faculty, and for students. Please visit for additional information.


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