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New York/Stuttgart – Professor Paul Knochel of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU) is the new head of the SYNTHESIS editorial board. He takes over the position from Dieter Enders of RWTH Aachen, who will stay on the editorial board of the English-language journal for synthetic chemistry as editor for reviews.

Thieme has been publishing the international journal SYNTHESIS since 1969. During Professor Dieter Enders’ 16 years as editor-in-chief, SYNTHESIS has evolvedinto a worldwide leading journal for synthetic organic chemistry. Enders hasserved on the journal’s editorial board since 1984. Professor Paul Knochel,formerly a regional editor for SYNTHESIS, plans to build on this success.

Professor Knochel currently works on research regarding new organometallic structures and methods for organic syntheses, asymmetric catalysis, and the synthesis of natural products. This year, he will be awarded the Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods 2014 of the American Chemical Society. Former honors include the Leibniz Prize, the Thieme IUPAC Prize, and the Gold Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry. Professor Knochel is a member of the National Academy of the Science Leopoldina and the Académie des Sciences, Paris. Born in France, he studied in Strasbourg and Zurich, where he received his PhD degree. He then joined the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris as a research fellow before taking up post-doctoral studies at Princeton University. His first appointment as a professor was at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, followed by a professorship at Philipps University in Marburg (Germany). Since 1999, Professor Paul Knochel is working at the of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

In his Editorial in the first 2014 issue of SYNTHESIS he writes: “Organic synthesis has been the driving force of organic chemistry for the past hundred years, and this will certainly be true in the future. The design of new pharmaceuticals, new materials, new food additives and new agrochemicals has changed our world and way of life more than anything else. […] All of this progress has been made possible by the creative development of new synthetic methods, allowing chemists to form new carbon–carbon bonds in a more rational, efficient and economical way. […] The journal will account for all major advances in the field of organic chemistry in a broad sense in order to assist the SYNTHESIS readers in their creative research work.”


The English-language journal SYNTHESIS covers scientific progress in synthetic chemistry, including all areas of organic chemistry involving synthesis such as catalysis, organometallics chemistry, medicinal and biological chemistry, as well as photochemistry. The articles are selected, reviewed, and edited by an internationally renowned editorial board to guarantee chemists access to the latest research insights in their respective fields. The subscription journal is published semimonthly by Thieme in printed and electronic format. All issues can be accessed online via Thieme E-Journals, the platform for electronic journals of the Thieme Publishing Group. Readers can access new articles prior to print publication on Abstracts for the articles include graphical presentations of the chemical reactions; scientific primary data are also available online. For more information and how to register for an institutional trial access, visit:\chemistry-journals.

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