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In this fourth volume in the AOSpine Masters Series, recently published by Thieme, experts from around the world share their strategies for managing the most common adult spinal deformities. This book gives clinicians the guidance they need to make the right treatment decisions and provide the best care for their patients. Chapter topics include osteotomies for rigid spinal deformities, postoperative coronal decompensation in adult deformity, and biomechanics and material science for deformity correction.

Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery, recently co-published by Thieme and the AANS, is part of the Neurosurgical Operative Atlas Series and serves as a step-by-step visual guide to performing surgical procedures used in neurotrauma as well as non-traumatic emergency cases. More than 500 full-color illustrations help clarify the procedures in the text. The chapters address such topics as cerebral trauma, stroke, shunt failure, central nervous system infection, and pituitary apoplexy. Special sections on pediatrics as well military-related injuries are also included.

Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource on the instrumentation, technologies, and fundamental science integral to achieving spine motion preservation and stabilization. It is a completely revised text that includes not only the latest technologies and surgical approaches, including MIS techniques but also significantly more detail on the clinical biomechanics of the spine than the previous edition.

Neurosurgery Knowledge Update: A Comprehensive Review, recently published by Thieme and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, is the most up-to-date board review guide for neurosurgeons. It features actual cases, over 300 high-quality illustrations and images, clinical overviews, and a question and answer section that mimics the ABNS exam format.

Operative Approaches in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, is a unique operative guide that features content gleaned from the authors’ years of evidence-based, clinical experience. From the cervical spine to the foot and ankle, each part of the body is divided into detailed subsections. Multiple approaches are included to treat common and rare musculoskeletal injuries, conditions, and diseases. The concise descriptions are complemented by meticulously crafted, labelled anatomical drawings illustrating each step of the procedure—from the skin incision to the targeted region to incision closure.

Challenging Cases in Musculoskeletal Imaging, recently published by Thieme, demonstrates how even difficult cases can be diagnosed by taking a systematic approach to image interpretation. Drawing upon decades of experience, Dr. Freyschmidt guides readers from case to case while solving the core problems that arise in making a diagnosis. He shows how initially challenging cases can be turned into cases that only seemed difficult at the outset.

Atlas of the Facial Nerve and Related Structures, recently published by Thieme, is an unparalleled teaching tool that details the anatomical intricacies of the facial nerve and related structures. Exquisite color photographs, taken from dissected latex injected cadavers and prepared in the Neuro-Microanatomy Lab at the University of Florida under the direction of Albert Rhoton, Jr., MD, reveal anatomy layer by layer, with remarkable detail and clarity. These one-of-a-kind images are available in 3D format online in the Thieme MediaCenter.

Thieme Chemistry is pleased to announce that “Pharmaceutical Substances” version 3.8 is now available. This substantial new release for the reference guide includes 31 new active pharmaceutical ingredients such as Ledipasvir, that combined with Sofosbuvir allows for the first all-oral treatment of Hepatitis C infections.

The seventh edition of Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 3, recently published by Thieme, provides readers with an excellent review of the human body and its structure and is an ideal study companion as well as a thorough basic reference text.

Dental Radiology, recently published by Thieme, is an excellent guide book for both dental students and practicing dentists. Students will benefit from practical guidance on how and when to use the various imaging methods presented as well as key information on fundamental concepts. For experienced dentists, the book is a valuable “go to guide” for image analysis, interpretation of radiologic findings, and diagnosis of pathological changes. Modern imaging methods, the fundamentals of X-ray physics, examination strategies, and information on radiation protection and quality assurance are included.

Thieme Chemistry has announced Science of Synthesis (SOS) 4.1, the latest release of its unique full-text resource for methods and experimental procedures in synthetic organic chemistry. Available as of June, Science of Synthesis will include the latest Knowledge Updates and additions from the Reference Library – a total of approximately 1,650 printed pages of new material. An enhanced interface design and increased content linking through Digital Object Identifiers further enrich the user experience.

Color Atlas of Physiology, Seventh Edition, recently published by Thieme, makes mastering large amounts of complex information much easier. It provides a thorough review of everything medical students need to know to pass their pre-clinical physiology exams. This revised and expanded edition features entirely new material on ageing, obesity, the urinary bladder, and cell physiology of the skeletal muscles.

Thieme is proud to announce that Terry Thompson, a Professor of Biological Sciences at Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, Maryland, has been awarded the 2015 HAPS-Thieme Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS). This award is part of a larger partnership between Thieme and HAPS, recognizing the most talented educators who are teaching the next generation of health science professionals. The partnership launched this year and aims to increase HAPS membership with the incentives of a scholarship and member promotions in which all HAPS members and their students receive discounts on Thieme products.

Geriatric Otolaryngology, recently published by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) and Thieme, focuses on the unique challenges facing otolaryngologists and primary care physicians in managing ear, nose, and throat disorders in the elderly. It provides readers with the essential information they need to successfully treat this rapidly growing patient population.

Thieme Stuttgart is pleased to announce that it is now the official publisher of seven quarterly subscription pediatric journals from the World Society of Child Science. The journals cover a range of areas that are essential reading for the pediatric professional.


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