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Casts, Splints, and Support Bandages: Nonoperative Treatment and Perioperative Protection, recently published by Thieme and the AO Foundation, provides an extensive overview of the history, principles, methods, and techniques for applying a modern plaster or synthetic cast.

Neuroradiology, recently published by Thieme, is a core clinical resource that clearly illustrates and describes MR and CT images of the brain, head and neck, and spine. The text distills the essential aspects of neuroradiology and contains in-depth discussions of imaging findings. Written from a clinical radiology perspective, the content of this book draws on the personal experience of the authors, all of whom are leading experts in neuroradiology.

Surgical Management of Pain, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, is a completely updated state-of-the-art reference on neurosurgical pain management. This revised edition is in full color and includes the following sections: Anatomic and Physiologic Foundations for Nociceptive and Neuropathic Pain, Pain Medicine, Pain Diagnoses, Surgical Procedures for Pain, and New Directions for Pain Surgery.

Professor Benjamin List, director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr, has been appointed head of the SYNLETT editorial board, effective immediately. Professor List takes over the position of editor-in-chief from Professor Peter Vollhardt of UC Berkeley, who will continue his work for the English-language journal for synthetic chemistry as Editor for Accounts and Synpacts.

Adult Audiology Casebook, recently published by Thieme, is a compendium of key clinical cases designed to help clinicians develop the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully diagnose and treat patients. The cases are written by experts from around the world who share their experiences and expertise in dealing with a range of challenging clinical scenarios.

Pharmacology Test Prep, recently published by Thieme, is an outstanding collection of 1500 clinical multiple-choice questions written according to USMLE guidelines and classified by learning objective and difficulty. The questions and answers in this book cover all the areas that are included in topic-based and organ system-based courses in the first two years of medical school. Medical students preparing to take the USMLE will get a thorough review of pharmacology concepts from this text and it is an excellent review book for those needing to brush up on pharmacology for their rotations.

Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery, recently published by Thieme, contains high-yield facts presented in a question and answer format that covers all subspecialty topics in otolaryngology. It combines clinically relevant facts with hard-to-remember, commonly tested details and presents them in an easy-to-follow layout that allows clinicians to quickly review large amounts of information. More than 9,000 questions and answers are provided, half in the book and the other half online at

Breast Elastography, recently published by Thieme, is a comprehensive reference that covers the principles and techniques used in performing breast elastography, an innovative imaging technology that can dramatically reduce the need for biopsies. The book begins with an introduction of the techniques, followed by sections on how to perform each technique and methods of interpretation, and concludes with more than 60 detailed case studies.

Written by the foremost leaders in the field, Endoscopic Ear Surgery, recently published by Thieme, includes chapters on endoscopic and combined endoscopic-microscopic management of cholesteatoma, surgical restoration of middle ear ventilation, myringoplasty, Meniere disease, tympanoplasty and stapes surgery, and revision surgery. It features nearly 1,000 intraoperative endoscopic images and outstanding line drawings and includes online access to instructive videos that demonstrate state-of-the-art endoscopic procedures.


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