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A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management

  • Covers the full age continuum - from congenital and pediatric vestibular disorders - to balance conditions associated with aging
  • Highlights the most common pathologies such as BPPV, as well as fairly rare diseases like Mal de Debarquement syndrome and perilymph fistulas
  • Discusses the impact of alcohol, migraines, and allergies on the vestibular system and the intrinsic roles they play in causing dizziness
  • New insights on medications, rehabilitation, and the use of implantable vestibular devices
  • Expanded video library provides guidance on testing modalities, visual disturbances, nystagmus patterns, and specific disorders

Vertigo and Disequilibrium, Second Edition

2016 / 248 pp / 167 illus / hardcover /
ISBN 9781626232044/ $129.99


A succinct, pocket-sized guide

  • Expert authors answer the "most frequently asked" Audiology questions, enabling quick comprehension of key Audiology concepts.
  • Topics new to the second edition include multifrequency tympanometry and ototoxic monitoring; while updates cover vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, video head impulse testing, bow and lean tests, current hearing aid technology and wireless accessories, and standards for testing hearing aids.
  • Two new chapters cover the audiological assessment of pediatric patients and the educational training of audiologists.
  • More than 130 figures and tables elucidate learning.

Audiology Answers for Otolaryngologists, Second Edition

Valente et al.
2017 / 120 pp / 106 illus / softcover /
ISBN 9781626237964/ $49.99


A core clinical guide to diagnoses and interventions for auditory processing deficits (APD)...

  • More than 300 high-quality, full-color illustrations help readers understand complex topics
  • Graphics showing clinical research data aid in comprehension and retention of difficult concepts
  • Case examples facilitate the synthesis of information from clinical assessments and creation of intervention plans
  • Each chapter includes a section on future trends that informs readers of upcoming technologies or methodologies that could benefit patients

Auditory Processing Deficits

2015 / 529 pp / 302 illus / softcover /
ISBN 9781604068382 / $99.99


Bull_5thEd_3DFifth edition covers the latest developments in Otolaryngology!

  • Concise visual guide for the diagnosis of the full range of ENT conditions
  • Incorporates the latest developments in the field
  • Expanded discussion of such topics as facial plastic surgery, care for the pediatric patient, and head and neck disorders
  • More than 660 high-quality full-color photographs and illustrations that demonstrate key concepts


Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis

Bull / Almeyda
2009/ 296 pp / 660 illus / softcover /
ISBN 9783131293954/ $57.99


Kendall_LaryngealEvalA must-have multimedia reference on the latest laryngeal examination and imaging techniques!

  • In-depth coverage of the indications and limitations of flexible laryngoscopy, videostroboscopy, and high-speed imaging
  • 66 video clips of actual examinations - plus an appendix that contains a complete description and interpretation of each clip
  • 284 full color images, including endoscopic views of the larynx and photographs that demonstrate how to perform examinations
  • Multiple perspectives from renowned speech language pathologists and otolaryngologists on how to interpret findings and determine treatment options

Laryngeal Evaluation

Kendall / Leonard
2010/ 324 pp / 309 illus / Mixed media product /
ISBN 9781604062724/ $134.99


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