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Elizabeth M. Mudge, Paula N. Brown, Susan J. Murch:

The Terroir of Cannabis: Terpene Metabolomics as a Tool to Understand Cannabis sativa Selections

Planta Med 2019; 85(09/10): 781-796

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Cátia Ramalhete, Silva Mulhovo, Hermann Lage, and Maria-José U. Ferreira: 

Triterpenoids from Momordica balsamina with a Collateral Sensitivity Effect for Tackling Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells

Planta Med 2018; 84(18): 1372-1379

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Kamal, Nurkhalida; Viegelmann, Christina V.; Clements, Carol J.; Edrada-Ebel, RuAngelie:

Metabolomics-Guided Isolation of Anti-trypanosomal Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae

Planta Med. 2017; 83: 565–573.

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Haron M.H,, Tyler H.L., Pugh N.D., Moraes R.M., Maddox V.L., Jackson C.R., Pasco D.S.

Activities and Prevalence of Proteobacteria Members Colonizing Echinacea purpurea Fully Account for Macrophage Activation Exhibited by Extracts of This Botanical

Planta Med. 2016; 82: 1258–1265.

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Sturm N., Quinn R.J. and Kellenberger E.

Similarity between Flavonoid Biosynthetic Enzymes and Flavonoid Protein Targets Captured by Three-Dimensional Computing Approach

Planta Med. 2015;81:467-473.

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Jakub P. Piwowarski, Sebastian Granica and Anna K. Kiss

Influence of gut microbiota-derived ellagitannins' metabolites urolithins on pro-inflammatory activities of human neutrophils

Planta Med. 2014;80:887-895.

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Do Young Kwon, Young Suk Jung, Sun Ju Kim, Young Soon Kim, DalWoong Choi, Young Chul Kim

Alterations in sulfur amino acid metabolism in mice treated with silymarin: a novel mechanism of its action involved in enhancement of the antioxidant defense in liver

Planta Med. 2013;79:997-1002.

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Paula N. Brown, Christina E. Turi, Paul R. Shipley and Susan J. Murch

Comparisons of large (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) and small (Vaccinium oxycoccos L., Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) cranberry in British Columbia by phytochemical determination, antioxidant potential, and metabolomic profiling with chemometric analysis

Planta Med. 2012;78:630-640.

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