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Neurogenic Communication Disorders: A Functional Approach

Sample Chapter

I: Assessment of Functional Communication:A Conceptual Framework for a Functional Approach to Acquired Neurogenic Disorders of Communication and Swallowing; The Assessment of Activity Limitation in Functional Communication: Challenges and Choices; Beyond Activity: Measuring Participation in Society and Quality of Life; Perspectives and Priorities: Accessing User Views in Functional Communication Assessment; Health Care Restructuring and Its Focus on Functional Outcomes in the United States; The Assessment of Functional Communication in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations.
II. Functional Communication Therapy Approaches: Functional Communication in the Workplace: A Neglected Domain; Forging Partnerships with Volunteers; Finding, Defining, and Refining Functionality in Real Life for People Confronting Aphasia; Social Approaches to the Management of Aphasia.
III: Assessment and Treatment of Functional Communication in Specific Populations: The Influence of Professional Values on the Functional Communication Approach in Aphasia; Assessment and Treatment of Functional Communication in Cognitive Communication Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury; A Framework for Assessment and Treatment of Functional Communication in Dementia; Assessment and Treatment of Functional Communication in Dysarthria; Assessment and Treatment of Functional Swallowing in Dysphagia. Management of Functional Communication of Persons with Communication Disorders following Right Hemisphere Damage.
IV. Assessment and Treatment of Functional Communication in Different Settings: A Socioenvironmental Approach to Functional Communication in Hospital In-Patients; Assessing and Treating Functional Communication in an Extended Care Facility.
V. Future Directions and Research Needs: Future Directions and Research Issues in Functional Communication Assessment and Treatment.

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