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Dr. Alexander Vaccaro is Professor of Neurosurgery, Professor and Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Co-Director of Spine Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Co-Director of the Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley, and President of the Rothman Institute of Orthopaedics. He is a world-renowned spine surgeon and educator who has authored over 650 peer reviewed publications and 300 book chapters and who is the editor of over 54 textbooks.

Books by Alexander Vaccaro


Item 4735 9781604068818 150x195 Item 4650 9781626236233 140x210 Item 3552 9781604068962 150x192
Controversies in Spine Surgery, MIS versus OPEN Pocket Atlas of Spine Surgery 2e Spinal Instrumentation 2e
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Item 3552 9781604068962 150x192 Item 3951 9781626233201 146x210 Item 3547 9781626231634 130x210
Spine Surgery: Tricks of the Trade 3e Physical Examination of the Spine 2e Handbook of Spine Surgery 2e
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Item 2418 9781626232235 142x210 Item 4004 9783137055020 144x196 Item 3631 9781626235502 150x194
AOSpine Masters Series, Volume 5: Cervical Spine Trauma Operative Approaches in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology 2e Lumbosacral and Pelvic Procedures
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Item 648 9781604064179 139x210 Item 1390 9781604067262 143x210 Item 1012 9781604062397 150x199
Decision Making in Spinal Care Essentials of Spinal Cord Injury Controversies in Spine Surgery
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Item 358 Pubid651312806 150x196 Item 1230 Pubid 1621991732 150x198 Item 1048 Pubid1265820615 150x192
Spine and Spinal Cord Trauma Neurotrauma and Critical Care of the Spine MasterCases in Spine Surgery
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