George Laskaris, D.D.S., M.D (University of Athens), completed his postgraduate studies in Dermatology at University Hospital “A. Syggros”–Athens and in Oral Medicine at the University of London and the University of Bristol. He received his Ph.D from the University of Athens and has been Associate Professor of Oral Medicine at the Medical School, University of Athens, and Visiting Professor at the University of London. He established the Oral Medicine department at the University Hospital of Dermatology “A. Syggros” and was head of the clinic (1971-2008). He has over 550 scientific publications and has presented over 850 papers. He has published 9 books in Greek and 5 in English, which have been translated 22 times into 12 more languages. His last Greek book, “Oral Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment,” received an award in 2013 from the National Greek Academy.

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