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Dr. Torsten Moeller was born on August 9th, 1954. He studied medicine in Frankfurt and Aachen before completing his residency at the University Hospital in Aachen. He currently serves as Head of the Radiology Department at the University Hospital in Aachen. Dr. Moeller has been awarded the advancement award of the A. Lauer Foundation. His specialties are in CT and MRT. He is the most successful author of radiology books in Germany.

Books by Torsten Moeller


Item 4027 9783131431721 140x210 Item 1923 9783131256041 142x210 Item 1920 9783131255044 141x210
Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume III: Spine, Extremities, Joints Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Vol. II: Thorax, Heart, Abdomen and Pelvis Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I: Head and Neck
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Item 43 9783137842033 139x210 Item 890 Pubid1173104170 150x199 Item 789 9783131074423 140x210
Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy Atlas of Sectional Anatomy Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning
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Item 145 9783131305824 140x209 Item 2604 Pubid1139382601 137x210 Item 2610 Pubid108052164 137x210
MRI Parameters and Positioning Atlas of Sectional Anatomy Normal Findings in Radiography
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