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The Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® series covers:

Medical Histology and Embryology Q&A · Pathology Q&A · Medical Neuroscience Q&A · Medical Biochemistry Q&A · Clinical Anatomy Q&A · Medical Microbiology and Immunology Q&A · Medical Physiology Q&A · Learning Pharmacology through Clinical Cases · Learning Microbiology and Infectious Diseases through Clinical Cases · Learning Physiology through Clinical Cases

Key Features include:

  • Thousands of USMLE®-style multiple choice questions and detailed explanations, classified by organ system and difficulty level
  • Questions begin with a clinical vignette and approximately 20% are image-based, mirroring the USMLE-format







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Embryology Q&A

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With new titles coming soon!


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Recommend to your Institution Get more out of your exam prep experience when you use Thieme’s new comprehensive question bank, which features questions from Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE®: series

Modify your study experience

Filter questions by difficulty, basic science, organ system, and more
Start a review session with answers or simulate the exam experience with a practice test
Base your study session on number of questions or length of time

Learn according to your method

Read the thorough explanation for both correct and incorrect answers
Target your studies after evaluating your weak points from your progress results
Bring the mobile-optimized site along for anytime you have a spare minute to study

Study in true USMLE®-style

Self-test on almost 600 questions on histology and embryology plus other basic sciences
Prepare with image-based questions modeled off Step 1 question formats
Choose from a question bank with more than twice the questions as other study guides


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