Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

During this month, we honor the achievements of Hispanic medical professionals, researchers, and thought leaders who have left a mark on the field. We also shed light on some valuable health statistics and insights within the Hispanic community. Join us in a celebration of cultural diversity and medical excellence.

Thieme Spotlight

Dr. Justin Perez

Dr. Justin Perez


Dr. Justin Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery by Athenix. He is one of the aesthetic fellowship directors for the USC-Marina Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, considered the top plastic surgery fellowship in the U.S. He is a leading partner within the industry and provides only the best cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical treatments to his patients. Dr. Perez has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in the field of aesthetic surgery and has extensive training and skill in complex facial and breast aesthetics. Dr. Perez takes a tailored approach to each patient’s cosmetic goals and is passionate about making sure that his patients are the star of the show.

Fun Fact: Dr. Perez is SCUBA certified!

Dr. Navarro-Ramirez

Dr. Rodrigo Navarro – Ramirez


Dr. Rodrigo Navarro-Ramirez is a Neurosurgeon with “DUAL” training in Pediatric/Adult Scoliosis and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. He is originally from Mexico City and grew up in Morelos, Mexico where he attended the Morelos State University before moving back to Mexico City to continue with his studies at the Mexico National University. He is currently an Assistant Professor & Associate Surgeon in the Department of Neurosurgery at Mayo Clinic Florida. He has over 1700 citations, 50 peer-reviewed publications and many awards including the 2016 Best Research Award, AO Spine North America Fellows (USA/Canada).  He is proud of his Hispanic background and shares passion for teaching, training, research, and innovation.

Fun Fact: Dr. Navarro-Ramirez an avid cyclist, street photographer and working on becoming café barista.

  • His favorite groupset: DURA ACE
  • His favorite lens: 70-200 2.8f
  • His favorite coffee: Light Roast-Ethiopian

Historical Perspective

Figure ribonucleic acid

Dr. Severo Ochoa

Severo Ochoa, the first Hispanic American Nobel laureate, made a groundbreaking discovery that revolutionized the study of the human genetic code by uncovering an enzyme capable of synthesizing ribonucleic acid.

Hand holding test tube

Jose Celso Barbos

Jose Celso Barbosa became the first Puerto Rican to earn a medical degree in the United States. His achievement was a major milestone for the Hispanic community, and it paved the way for future generations of doctors.

Medical image of a heart

Dr. René Favaloro

René Favaloro, an Argentine cardiac surgeon, revolutionized the treatment of coronary artery disease with his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery. This procedure has saved millions of lives around the world.

Health Awareness


About 8 in 10 adult Hispanics are overweight or obese, and Hispanic children are twice as likely to be obese as non-Hispanic children. Excess weight can increase the risk for several serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.


About 40 percent of adults in the United States are expected to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. However, more than 50 percent of Hispanics are expected to someday be diagnosed with it.


Nearly 1 in 4 Hispanics have high blood pressure, which can be a precursor to a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, or heart failure.


Hispanics are 1.5 times more likely to have kidney failure compared to other Americans. In fact, 20 percent of people on the kidney transplant waiting list are Hispanic.


28.1% of Hispanics ages 18-64 are without healthcare insurance coverage, and 7% of children under 18 are uninsured