Who we are

We are committed to better medicine and a healthier life. Our mission is to improve health and healthcare with the key information at the right time and in the right place.

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Human-centred approach

Whether you’re dealing with exam stress, struggling to find time in clinical practice or building a scientific career – we support learning, teaching, research, diagnostics and therapy by offering solutions in the fields of science, education, training and patient care – with a focus on people and a bold, evidence-based approach.

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Providing security

Our aim is to improve medicine by offering healthcare professionals security in their day-to-day work and giving them the freedom they need to do what is important to them: to treat patients with care and success. To achieve this, we support processes in patient care with data-driven, digital solutions for providing access to key information.

About us

Social Engagement

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International reach

There are many actors within the German healthcare system. Only by consolidating expertise from many parties can we work together to shape the future. What works in Germany often cannot be reapplied elsewhere without modifications. We have therefore established subsidiaries in other countries in order to develop tailored solutions there as well:

Thieme USA | Thieme India | Thieme Brazil | Thieme China 

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What we do

Lifelong learning and supporting patient care is at the core of what we do.

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Who we serve

Researchers, providers, and patients, learners and teachers, decision-makers and all  with responsibility for patient outcomes are at the center of our activities.

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Our heart beats for better medicine and a healthier life.