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Awards and Promotions

Together with various institutions and professional societies in science and healthcare, Thieme promotes research and special commitment in the healthcare industry, clinics and practice. 

Scientist standing in lab with arms crossed.


Thieme and Thieme Chemistry actively promote scientific commitment and excellence in research. The prizes and awards are aimed at young researchers, among others, to recognize their early achievements and support their independent careers. Achievements of female scientists are also explicitly recognized in order to highlight female role models in chemistry. 

Female doctor with stethoscope around her neck and clipboard in hand.


Whether in ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, or internal medicine, Thieme honors scientists whose research has had a formative influence on their field and helps improve patient care.  

Therapist with opened file in hand. In the background anatomy illustration and spine model.

Nursing and therapy professions

Scientific publications are the basis for evidence-based action and good patient care in nursing and therapy professions. Thieme therefore honors outstanding work and concepts in the field of intensive care and nephrology nursing as well as physiotherapy. 

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Healthcare Industry

Thieme honors personalities in the German healthcare industry with the Thieme Management Award. Every year, the award is given to people who drive innovation and have made exceptional contributions to the healthcare sector.  

Award Winners wanted!

Nominate your candidate for the 2023 Dr. Margaret Faul Women in Chemistry Award.