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Brands and Business Units

The Thieme Group is made up of various companies, brands and business units. All of them are united by the vision of contributing to better medicine and a healthier life.

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Georg Thieme Verlag

Georg Thieme Verlag is the parent company of the Thieme Group. It provides knowledge and services for physicians, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals, as well as for patients and their families.

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Thieme Brazil

Thieme Brazil is an experienced publisher in the field of clinical reference with sites in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The portfolio comprises books and journals, all of them Open Access, mainly in English and Portuguese. Working together with key experts, opinion leaders, and many scientific societies in the field, it has continued to strengthen its focus on quality publishing in recent years.

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Thieme Chemistry

Thieme Chemistry supports chemists throughout the world by making their research results visible and easily accessible on attractive digital platforms. This creates immediate benefits for the specialist community. Chemists and advanced students in academic research and industry use this highly evaluated specialist information in synthetic organic and general chemistry to develop new and efficient synthesis methods.

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Thieme China

Thieme China helps to foster a robust exchange of ideas and expertise between the community in China and internationally. The mission is to serve as a trusted partner for the dissemination of the latest research and best practices in medicine and chemistry, and to provide Chinese scientists and healthcare professionals with the information and tools they need for their high impact research, education, and healthcare.

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Thieme Communications

Thieme Communications helps non-profit organizations in the fields of medicine, science, and health bring their concerns to the attention of the public. The PR agency provides a wide range of communications services with the aim of creating positive awareness in the relevant target groups. These services include strategy consulting, branding, content management, media relations and media training, member communications, political outreach, and social media. 

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Thieme Compliance

Thieme Compliance supports information, communication and documentation processes relating to anamnesis, admission, and patient education. With its customized digital solutions and services, the Thieme subsidiary helps to establish consistent, digitally supported workflows that significantly reduce the daily workload of medical professionals. It works with a broad-based team of developers and a strong partner network to make an effective contribution to the digitization of healthcare.

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Thieme DokuForm

Thieme DokuFORM supports information and documentation processes in emergency care. Customized digital solutions and services enable the continuous flow of data directly from the ambulance to the hospital information system of the receiving hospital through corresponding interfaces. This reduces the workload of emergency room staff and raises the standard of care of emergency patients.

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Thieme India

Thieme India is a young and vibrant organization partnering with healthcare professionals and societies in India and South Asia for the effective dissemination of relevant knowledge. It has a growing publishing program of educational and clinical reference books as well as scholarly journals. As professional communicators, Thieme India also promotes the educational opportunities of its strategic partners.

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Thieme Media

Thieme Media supports business customers in scientific communication with healthcare professionals and decision-makers from hospitals and medical practices. In doing so, it draws on Thieme’s extensive analog and digital media and product portfolio as well as the latest online formats, from which customized communication concepts are developed and implemented for customers in medical technology, the healthcare industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Thieme TeleCare

Thieme TeleCare helps people manage their illnesses and personal health circumstances. It maintains a broad partner network and uses high-quality Thieme content to create hybrid telemedical care programs and patient coaching services, which enable statutory and private health insurers as well as companies to provide optimal support for their beneficiaries and employees.

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Thieme USA

Thieme USA is a long-standing subsidiary of the Thieme Group serving health professionals and students. Its products and solutions encompass scientific publications and professional and educational resources. Thieme USA focuses on medical education and scientific journals as well as specialist information on neurosurgery, plastic surgery, radiology, audiology, and speech and language pathology.

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Travel medicine center (CRM)

CRM is an independent, recognized specialist institute that supports physicians and pharmacies in providing travel-related medical advice. It collects and evaluates relevant information on infectious and other health risks from all over the world and makes it available to healthcare advisors through digital and analog specialist information services and specialist seminars on travel and tropical medicine.

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Thieme RECOM

RECOM supports digital information and documentation processes between all professional groups involved in the clinical process. Based on standardized classifications and content, RECOM’s digital solutions work across sectors and language barriers, enabling lean workflows – from patient care history through to medication management, the order process, and management evaluations.

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TRIAS publishes healthcare-related content with the aim of helping people make the right decisions when it comes to their health. The information provided by TRIAS empowers patients and their families, enabling them to play an active role in becoming and staying healthy, living well with a chronic disease, and stopping the progression of a disease. Its comprehensive guidebook program addresses a variety of physical and mental health conditions, healthy eating, exercise, and relaxation.

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Haug supports physicians and alternative medicine practitioners in the field of complementary therapies. It publishes a broad range of content, including many digital products, that provide a solid foundation for the safe application of naturopathic methods in holistic patient care.