What we do


Thieme offers tailored education resources to support learning and teaching processes in all phases of medical training and continuing education.  

Three students study with laptop and book in a bright room.
Student studying anatomy with tablet and dummy.

What we do

We support medical students, residents, nursing and medical assistants, practitioners and faculty in both learning and teaching with our expertise and innovative approach, applying tailored learning concepts and sharing relevant information from the first day of training to Board exams and in continuing education.

A group of young people in blue kasaks learn together on laptop, tablet and with books. You can see them from above.
Doctors in white clothes work on laptops and tablets. Only their hands are visible.

Greenberg’s Neurosurgery Spaced-Repetition Flashcards

Greenberg’s Neurosurgery Spaced-Repetition Flashcards enable learners to leverage powerful educational technology in a user-friendly and accessible way. Learn from a 10,000+ card physician-curated flashcard deck covering the latest edition of Greenberg’s Handbook of Neurosurgery. Powered by Synaptiq, the flashcards are delivered in an intuitive study app leveraging cutting-edge spaced repetition technology to help residents, students, physician assistants and nurse practitioners learn faster and retain more than ever.


MedOne Education - our Medical Learning Platform

Covering every course in the medical school curriculum, MedOne Education is an exceptional resource for learning, review and research in medicine and the life sciences. 

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MedOne Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy

A powerful resource for anatomy faculty: use and customize the incredible anatomic illustrations from Thieme’s anatomy portfolio. 

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Clinical Reference Information

Our complete collection of clinical reference materials for neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists and more – MedOne provides residents and specialists alike with cutting edge and up-to-date clinical information.

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Resource for audiology and speech-language pathology

MedOne ComSci provides tailored electronic resources for undergraduate and graduate students in communication science, speech and language pathology and audiology.  

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Female lecturer sits in front of the laptop and looks into the camera.

Resources for librarians

We have collected useful information and valuable resources to support you in your work.

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Building up knowledge sustainably

Thieme offers digital learning and knowledge portals for building up long-term knowledge.

Anatomical representation of the bulboclitoral organ

Closing gaps in knowledge about the female body

Precise depiction of gender-specific female anatomical structures and their functions.