Who we are

Physicians at Thieme

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Indispensable expertise

Physicians at Thieme use their knowledge to

  • ensure that medical students receive the best possible education,
  • ensure that the latest research findings find their way quickly into patient care,
  • ensure that physicians have quick and easy access to the relevant information they need to provide the best possible treatment for their patients,
  • improve medicine and healthcare.
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Have you studied medicine?

Are you passionate about helping people? We need your expertise as a physician to develop customized services for the various situations in which people use our products in their studies, clinics, and medical practices. You have the necessary expertise. You know the everyday work, the worries and needs, the requirements and demands of your fellow students and colleagues best!

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Achieving more together

Physicians at Thieme work together with experts in program planning and product development, didactics, marketing and sales on innovative knowledge and process solutions for better patient care.


"As a physician at Thieme, I use my knowledge to help medical students get through their studies more easily, effectively and pleasantly." 

Nora Dalg, MD, Editor and Project Manager

Nora Dalg loves to delve deeply into scientific topics, to understand and penetrate things - that's why she studied medicine and worked as a physician. 


Get to know physicians at Thieme


Korinna Engeli, Executive Editor

Korinna Engeli is a program planner with a passion. After her medical studies, she gained experience in hospital operations as an intern before deciding on a career in the publishing industry.

Sarah Stalke

Sarah Stalke, Product Manager eRef

Pre-drawn paths and always the same routines are not so much her thing. Sarah Stalke loves to discover new things and to inspire herself and others with exciting ideas and projects.

Bettina Hansen

Bettina Hansen, MD, Senior Vice President Publishing & Information Services Care

The job at the publishing house was more of a coincidence in the beginning. Today, Bettina Hansen describes it as the perfect match, because it combines many of her interests: Medicine, psychology, language and creativity.

Jochen Neuberger

Jochen Neuberger, MD, Executive Editor

During his medical studies, Jochen Neuberger discovered his passion for preparing medical content in a way that physicians actually need in everyday clinical practice.

Siegfried Steindl

Siegfried Steindl, MD, Senior Vice President Medicine

Even during his medical studies, Siegfried Steindl knew that he was passionate about working with people. He loves working in a team and convincing people.