Personal Support

The better you can define the subject and topic area, the (main) target group (e.g. interested health professionals, students, physicians) and the primary publication language, the faster we will find the right contact person for your questions.

A questionnaire can help you to gather the most important key data of your previous considerations. You can request it via the above e-mail address. The responsible program planner will discuss your publication idea with you and, together with publishing management, marketing and sales, clarify whether it fits into the publisher's portfolio. After project approval, work on the manuscript can begin.

Support during the work on the publication


In order to be able to publish your manuscripts, you as the author must transfer the rights of use to the publisher - we will therefore conclude contracts with each other. Each publication project is supervised during the manuscript phase until publication by a project manager who is your personal contact person: He or she will provide you with all the important documents at the start, e.g., guidelines for manuscript preparation specially prepared for the respective project together with all the important contact details.

During the manuscript preparation

If you have any questions during the manuscript preparation process, please do not hesitate to contact your executive editor or project manager.

If you are not quite sure who is the right contact for you, simply contact, stating the project (publisher/author and title).

During the editing and production phase

Once you have submitted your manuscript, you will be informed by your project manager about the further procedure. If it is an edited work, your contribution will be forwarded to the editor(s) for review and content approval. Once the manuscript is complete and, if necessary, approved by the editor, the so-called production phase follows. Now the work is edited (if necessary, the editor or project manager will approach you with questions), illustrations are drawn or reproduced, and a subject index is created. 

The data is prepared in such a way that it can be used for both print and electronic editions. Depending on the scope, this phase can extend over several months. We will inform you at regular intervals about the status of the work. You will then receive your contribution in edited form for final correction and imprimatur (approval for printing).

After the launch of your publication

On the day of the first delivery, we will send you a letter informing you of the completion of the publication as well as, for example, the modalities of royalty payment. As a rule, all media forms are delivered to the trade and entered into the databases at the same time. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Do you have any suggestions for improvement, e.g. regarding cooperation, or have you discovered an error in the book? You are very welcome to contact the program planner responsible for you or write to