What we do

Patient Care

Thieme supports information, communication and documentation processes in routine care, allowing room for what matters most in medicine: people.

Male and female doctor with tablet in hand at patient's bedside
Female doctor with tablet in hand

Providing the key information at the right time, in the right place.

Healthcare professionals are faced with an increasing number of patients with multiple conditions, time pressure, and difficult cases, yet they still need to make the right decisions. We assist you in your day-to-day work as a healthcare provider and give you added security.  

Informative conversation with tablet between doctor and patient at bedside
Male doctor with tablet during informative conversation with patient

Using data to tailor treatment to the individual

We use modern technologies to collect, document, and integrate anonymized patient data. The relevant expertise matched to the case at hand supports providers and patients in the treatment process and safeguards diagnoses and treatment decisions. 

Male and female doctor talking with tablet in hand

Access funding through the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) with Thieme

Thieme solutions are fully eligible for grants from the German government, for everything from patient history and consent to digital care documentation, patient portals, emergency care, and decision support.

Doctor with a medical mask and goggles

"Digitization is not an end in and of itself. It serves to improve outcomes and make patient care more humane. We are committed to this task." 

We offer solutions

Physician-patient communication

Structured information and digitally supported processes increase the quality of physician-patient communication. 

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Nursing and treatment documentation

Digital, automated documentation of all nursing and therapeutic measures relieves the burden on nurses and medical staff. 

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Emergency care (German)

Relevant patient data, transmitted directly from the ambulance to the hospital, improve processes in the emergency room.

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Decision support (German)

Relevant, accurate information made available during a specific treatment process provides greater security when making diagnoses and therapy decisions.

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Two nurses talk about data on tablet

Who we serve

Researchers, patients and those who treat them, learners, teachers and faculty, decision-makers and leaders are at the center of everything we do.

Female doctor sits at the computer and works

Lifelong learning

We accompany physicians, nurses and therapists throughout their entire careers, giving them access to specialist knowledge relevant to their work.

Male and female doctor talking with tablet in hand

Partnership and Engagement

We maintain a strong partner network with innovative start-ups, leading system providers and other relevant players in healthcare.