Open Access

Why Publish Open Access? 

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When it comes to scientific research, Thieme aims to provide the best services possible to our readers and authors. All Thieme journals offer you the option to publish Open Access. No matter which route to publication you choose, traditional publication or Open Access, you will always receive the very best from us: expert peer review and editorial services, friendly and customer-oriented service throughout the entire production process and widespread dissemination of your publication by our dedicated specialist staff. 

Increase visibility, readership, citations, and impact

Open Access articles are available permanently to read for everybody. There are no restrictions in viewing them which allows a much higher visibility, discoverability, and usage of your publication.  

Comply with funder requirements

Some funding organizations require that the recipients of their grants publish the resulting research Open Access. You should always check for any Open Access requirements of your funding body before submitting your work to a journal. We can offer you creative commons licenses that comply with the stipulations of all funders and help you fulfill their mandate.

Retain the copyright of your work and accelerate re-use 

Publishing Open Access also means that you can share your research with your peers around the world – Thieme Open Access articles are available freely to read, download, and share. They are published online under a creative commons license. This means that you retain copyright of your work. Your work can be shared, copied, and redistributed in any medium or format under the condition that you as the author are given appropriate credit. 

Committed to provide the best possible services and standards

Talking of editorial excellence –Thieme's key focus is on providing high standards of editorial, author and production services, our articles – subscription and open access – undergo the stringent, high-quality peer review you have come to expect from us, and we are committed to ensure to increase the visibility of your paper.

Open Access Funding Agreements and Waivers

Worried about funding to pay for Open Access publication? Check out our agreements with a range of institutions that may allow you to publish Open Access for free or at a discount. Additionally, authors based in countries on the Research4Life list are eligible to receive waivers to publish in our Gold Open Access journals.