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Thieme launches new open access journal on sustainability and circularity

June 2023 – Sustainability & Circularity NOW publishes latest research on benign molecules and materials, closed-loop, waste-free systems, and other actionable solutions to tackle global environmental crises. The new journal is the first open access publication with a multidisciplinary focus on sustainability and circularity in chemistry and beyond.

Professor Thierry Ollevier is the new Editor-in-Chief for SynOpen

June 2023 – Thieme is delighted to appoint Professor Thierry Ollevier of Université Laval, Québec, Canada, as the new Editor-in-Chief of the SynOpen Editorial Board. SynOpen – Thieme’s high-quality open access journal – offers fast, flexible, and fair services to its authors, using unique crowd sourcing peer review.

Closing gaps in knowledge about the female body

March 2023 – The specific structures and functions of the external female genital organs are not widely known in detail, even among experts. Ignorance or incomplete knowledge on the part of health care professionals can lead to women and girls not being treated according to their needs. The current revision of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, the fourth edition of which will be published in 2024, therefore focuses on an even more precise depiction of gender-specific female anatomical structures.

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