Latest Press Releases

Three laboratory bottles stand on a table. On the left are speech bubbles with the text Live Cheminar.

New partnership to engage chemists with AI enhanced Cheminar events 

Thieme is partnering with Cassyni to enhance “Thieme Cheminars”, a series of live online seminars for the chemistry community. Cassyni offers several quality features that will make the series of mini-symposia more interesting and discoverable. Central to the partnership is a shared mission of building a rich interactive online experience for the research community.

Professor Maiti Dababrata

Professor Debabrata Maiti appointed as new Editor-in-Chief of the Thieme journal SYNLETT

Thieme is delighted to appoint Professor Debabrata Maiti of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India as the new Editor-in-Chief of the SYNLETT Editorial Board with immediate effect. SYNLETT – Thieme’s high-quality journal in synthetic chemistry – reports the latest scientific developments in the field.

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Thieme launches new open access journal on sustainability and circularity  

June 2023 – Sustainability & Circularity NOW publishes latest research on benign molecules and materials, closed-loop, waste-free systems, and other actionable solutions to tackle global environmental crises. The new journal is the first open access publication with a multidisciplinary focus on sustainability and circularity in chemistry and beyond. Authors benefit from fast and professional crowd peer-review processes to publish and disseminate their research open access. 

Portrait Michelle C. Chang

Dr. Margaret Faul Award for Women in Chemistry 2023

Michelle C. Chang, Professor at the University of California, Berkeley (USA), receives the Dr. Margaret Faul Award for Women in Chemistry. An international panel of judges acknowledges her successful and diverse research that has far-reaching impact on medicine, energy and the environment.

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OrthOracle collaborates with Thieme to enter the Indian market

April 2023 – The collaboration between Thieme and OrthOracle brings together two of the leading medical content providers in orthopaedics.

Professor Thierry Ollevier is the new Editor-in-Chief for SynOpen

June 2023 – Thieme is delighted to appoint Professor Thierry Ollevier of Université Laval, Québec, Canada, as the new Editor-in-Chief of the SynOpen Editorial Board. SynOpen – Thieme’s high-quality open access journal – offers fast, flexible, and fair services to its authors, using unique crowd sourcing peer review.

Modern surgical procedures help circumcised women

February 2023 – To be able to advise and treat those affected, doctors must be familiar with both the types of circumcision and the surgical reconstruction options for the external female genitalia. In the current electronic version of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy on Thieme’ s medical e-learning platform MedOne they can soon find all the important information in words and pictures.

Closing gaps in knowledge about the female body

March 2023 – The specific structures and functions of the external female genital organs are not widely known in detail, even among experts. Ignorance or incomplete knowledge on the part of health care professionals can lead to women and girls not being treated according to their needs. The current revision of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, the fourth edition of which will be published in 2024, therefore focuses on an even more precise depiction of gender-specific female anatomical structures. The instructional units on the external female genital organs have been completely redesigned. They are already available digitally in the MedOne Education learning and knowledge platform.