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Anatomical representation of the bulboclitoral organ

Modern surgical procedures help circumcised women

February 2023 – To be able to advise and treat those affected, doctors must be familiar with both the types of circumcision and the surgical reconstruction options for the external female genitalia. In the current electronic version of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy on Thieme’ s medical e-learning platform MedOne they can soon find all the important information in words and pictures.  

Faster updates for Science of Synthesis through digital pre-publication

December 2022 – Chemists worldwide use the online reference work Science of Synthesis (SOS) to access expert reviews on synthetic methodology. Up to now, SOS has been regularly updated in knowledge update and thematically focused reference library volumes. A newly implemented process enables the flexible digital pre-publication of individual articles from these volumes on Thieme's Online Books & Journals Platform within Thieme Connect and in eSOS, which will significantly accelerate updates from now on.

Syndication partnership

July 2022 – Thieme and ResearchGate have begun a collaboration to increase the visibility of scientific content. With over 20 million members, ResearchGate provides a platform for researchers to share and discover research, build their networks, and advance their careers.

EIDO Healthcare collaborates with Thieme to enter the Indian market

April 2022 – Improving patient education and informed consent - EIDO Healthcare collaborates with Thieme to enter the Indian market.