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Faster updates for Science of Synthesis through digital pre-publication

Enhanced support for researchers in organic chemistry

Stuttgart, December 2022 - Chemists worldwide use the online reference work Science of Synthesis (SOS) to access expert reviews on synthetic methodology. Here they can quickly find proven synthetic routes for the preparation of target functional groups and compound classes. Up to now, SOS has been regularly updated in knowledge update and thematically focused reference library volumes. A newly implemented process enables the flexible digital pre-publication of individual articles from these volumes on Thieme's Online Books & Journals Platform within Thieme Connect and in eSOS, which will significantly accelerate updates from now on.

Science of Synthesis was developed to support synthetic chemists in research and teaching in the best possible way with up-to-date and reliable information when choosing organic synthesis routes.

A nine-member Editorial Board, together with the Thieme Chemistry editorial team of PhD chemists, ensures that in SOS, researchers quickly find proven and tested synthetic routes for the preparation of organic compound classes. The Editorial Board, in collaboration with the volume editors and expert authors, analyzes all developments in synthetic organic chemistry relevant to SOS and evaluates important innovations in synthetic methodology using clear criteria. The resulting chemistry reviews are collated into Knowledge Update volumes which are published along established editorial processes and are regularly uploaded as updates to the online platform. In addition, the Reference Library series is dedicated to specific key topics. Previously, an entire volume would have to be completed before the content could be uploaded.

SOS Early View: More up-to-date and flexible through digital pre-publication

In the future, selected new SOS articles and chapters from both the Knowledge Updates and the Reference Library series will be published online in advance. This is done both as an update of the online platform "eSOS" and on Thieme's Online Books & Journals Platform within Thieme Connect. "This means that we are gaining enormously in speed and thus also in topicality," says Dr. Karen Muirhead-Hofmann, Senior Executive Editor, Science of Synthesis. "Users don't have to wait until an entire volume is completed. New SOS content will now be published more frequently, giving them earlier access to expert reports on some of the most exciting and dynamic areas of organic chemistry."

The first preliminary papers have now been published. This includes two Knowledge Update review papers on the synthesis of alkenes by palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling with carbene precursors by Jianbo Wang and Kang Wang (Peking University, PR China) and on the synthesis of alkenes by α,β-dehydrogenation by Weiping Su and Xiaoming Ji (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuijan, PR China).

Another review paper by Robin Bedford and Roberto Nolla-Saltiel (University of Bristol, UK), describing cross-coupling methods with aryl and vinyl electrophiles using iron-based catalysts, which is part of the reference library volume "Base-Metal Catalysis 2" planned for June 2023, will also be available through digital pre-publication.

With the new Science of Synthesis alerts, users receive an email as soon as new content is added to SOS. To subscribe please see here: Science of Synthesis - Thieme Group.

For more information on how to access Science of Synthesis online, visit It is possible to test the online product free of charge for 14 days.


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